updated november 14, 2005
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Molecular Nanoscience Workshop
in honor of Daniel Chemla's 65th Birthday


Organized by:
Zahid Hussain, Advanced Light Source, LBNL, Berkeley USA –
Joseph Zyss, ENS Cachan, Cachan, France –
Shimon Weiss, Dept. Chemistry and Biochem., UCLA, USA –
Charles Shank, LBNL and UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA –
Robert Kaindl, Materials Sciences Division, LBNL, Berkeley, USA -



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courtesy of LBNL
courtesy of LBNL
courtesy of LBNL
courtesy of LBNL
Daniel Chemla, with Marc Carnahan and Robert Kaindl, in front of the THz setup (June 2003)
courtesy of Robert Kaindl
courtesy of David Miller
Daniel in Lab 1987
courtesy of David Miller
courtesy of Shimon Weiss
courtesy of David Miller
Daniel Chemla QE Award 1995
courtesy of David Miller
Berit and Daniel Chemla (far right: Neil Fromer) group party in April 2002
courtesy of Robert Kaindl


Science Highlights

1) Capturing Excitons in Transition, Berkeley Lab Science Beat, June 16, 2003.

2) An Exciting New State for Excitons, Berkeley Lab Research News, August 22, 2002.

3) The Coming of the Nano-Age: Shaping the World Atom by Atom, Berkeley Lab Research Review, Fall 2001.



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