Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, October 9, 2013

Contacts: Alexei; Sujoy; Zahid

Electron spin determines magnetic properties and can control flow of charges. The purpose of the workshop is to explore how techniques commonly practiced at the synchrotrons (spectroscopy and X-ray scattering) can contribute to the studies of magnetism and spintronics

Advanced Light Source User`s Meeting

Workshop on the Spectroscopy of Spins

Invited Spearkers:
ABC order

James Analytis

University of California, Berkeley

New frontier in relativistic quantum magnetism

Will Echtenkamp/Christian Binek

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Electric control of exchange bias training

Chad Geppert/Paul Crowell

University of Minnesota

Spin transport in Fe/GaAs and Co2MnSi/GaAs heterostructures

Zahid Hasan

Princeton University

Spin in topological matter

Liang He/Kang Wang

University of California, Los Angeles

Topolgical insulators: a new state of matter-materials growth and characterization

Ferhat Katmis/Jagadeesh Moodera

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Correlation of lattice symmetry, electronic anisotropy and transport in topological insulators thin films and heterostructures

Matthew Langner

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Resonant soft x-ray scattering from the skyrmion lattice in Cu2OSeO3

Kai Liu

University of California, Davis

Reversal mode instability and magnetoresistance in perpendicular (Co/Pd)/Cu/(Co/Ni) pseudo-spin-valves

Norman Mannella

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Measuring spins in photoemission experiments

Joseph Poon/Stu Wolf

University of Virginia

Novel materials for spin torque transfer RAM

Joe Trodahl

Victoria University of Wellington

Rare earth nitrides, intrinsic ferromagnetic semiconductors

Peng Wei/Jagadeesh Moodera

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Exchange coupling induced spin polarization in topological insulators and graphene

Jing Xia

University of California, Irvine

Surface transport in Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6

Barry Zink

University of Denver

Thermoelectric effects in ferromagnetic thin films and the search for thermal spin currents




The workshop will take place in Room 6-2202 of the Advanced Light Source main buiding (Bldg.6), second floor