5.3.2 Polymer STXM


Now: STXM@

New: STXM@ (Not available until further notice)

Source characteristics

Bend magnet

Energy range

STXM@ 250 - 800 eV (

STXM@ 350 - 2500 eV (


Low-dispersion, spherical-grating monochromators

single grating (

dual grating (

Calculated flux (1.9 GeV, 400 mA)

1 x 107 photons/s at sample

Resolving power (E/ΔE)



Scanning transmission x-ray microscopes: STXM@ - Sample scanning

STXM@ - Sample or Zone plate scanning


Active servo-stabilized toroidal M1 mirror

Spot size at sample (FWHM)

25 nm experimental, 31 nm theoretical using 25 nm Zone plates

Experimental techniques

STXM@ Serves approved program users and general users using the dedicated polymer STXM@ for NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy at the C, N and O K edges and at the Fe 2p edges.

STXM@ Not available


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